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Opioid Crisis

“Ian was my nephew and like a son to me… This is personal”

In 2016, over 64,000 Americans died from overdoses. My nephew Ian was one of them.

Ian struggled with addiction for years. We did everything we knew to do — and everything experts told us to do — but it wasn’t enough. After several days of searching, Ian was found dead from an opioid overdose.

From 2000 to 2015, half a million Americans were killed from drug overdoses. Six out of ten of those overdose deaths were opioid-related.

The statistics in Maryland are even more frightening. We have the 10th highest rate of opioid overdose deaths in the nation.

There were 2,089 Maryland overdose deaths in 2016, a 66% increase from the previous year.

President Trump does not take this crisis seriously. He has proposed cutting the budget of the Office of National Drug Control Policy by 95%, refused to declare a national emergency to combat the crisis, and appointed a political advisor rather than a qualified expert to oversee the federal government’s response.

This approach is wrong and the consequences are deadly. The government can and must do more to combat this epidemic.

I’m running for Congress because we need leaders who are serious about tackling this crisis. In the following link, you will find 12 action steps that I will push if I’m elected to Congress. These are just the beginning of what must be done to mount a serious response.

Join me in my fight to end this epidemic. 

Click here to read my 12 Action Steps to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

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