On the issues


“As hardworking Americans, they deserve to stay here.”

Immigrants are an important part of American society and should have a path to citizenship. Trump’s mass deportations, travel bans, and rescinding of DACA and TPS protections are antithetical to American values.

We all benefit from the rich cultural and economic diversity immigrants bring to our community. Research shows that immigrants improve the quality of life for all Americans. Immigrants and their children founded over 40% of Fortune 500 companies, and these companies employ more than ten million people worldwide. Notably, Steve Jobs’s father was an immigrant from Syria.

We also should reduce the amount of time it takes for applicants to receive work authorization. It shouldn’t take someone 10 years to get a visa if they have valuable job skills that can boost our economy. Everyone who works hard and plays by the rules should feel welcome in America.

We are a nation of immigrants and that is one of our greatest strengths.

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