May 15, 2018 David's Desk

A Simple Idea

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. Here’s a recent example that I picked up on the campaign trail.

Maryland is home to more than 50 federal research facilities. These include places such as NASA, NSA, NIST, NIH, and more – all of which are major data contributors to their respective fields. Each year all of these research centers develop and discover more data than one can imagine, yet they are the only ones with access to the data. It is time to clear the path so that this government-funded research can be transferred and licensed out to the private sector for commercial use.

Because of its central location, it would be great to see Maryland’s Sixth District become home to a facility created to showcase available technologies, creating a one-stop-shop for dissemination of information and for streamlining licensing. This could become a wellspring for new economic ventures that would drive the regional economy.

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