May 14, 2018 Press Releases

Ruppersberger Statement on Sixth District Primary

Congressman C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger today endorsed businessman David Trone in the Democratic primary for Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District. He released the following statement:

“John Delaney has been a close friend and a terrific representative of the Sixth District. I greatly appreciate both the real-world business experience and common sense approach he has brought to our delegation, our caucus, and Congress.  His decision to seek higher office leaves big shoes to fill, and I believe that David Trone is the best candidate to carry the torch.

David and John share similar sensibilities, with David growing up on a farm, selling eggs and cleaning pig pens. When the farm was seized by the bank, he started a business to help support his mother and siblings while he was in graduate school. That business now has 190 stores in 24 states – a testament to David’s relentless work ethic and determination. David often says, “success means nothing, if it’s not shared,” and he means it, to the benefit of dozens of nonprofit organizations throughout our community and the 6,000-plus employees of his company.

Throughout my years in politics, I have developed a relationship with David. We share similar family values and were both long-time youth sports coaches in our communities. My family started a farm in the late 1880s in Myersville, so I also have roots in rural Western Maryland. And, like me, David wants to be in politics to help people and provide opportunities to those who need a helping hand.

While the candidates for the Sixth District are all good candidates, David Trone has my support.”

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