January 29, 2021 David's Desk

Working with the Biden Administration

We’re just one week into the Biden administration and we’ve already seen the President keep his promises. But there’s still more to do, and I’m working hard every day to get it accomplished. Leadership has changed, but my priorities haven’t.

Since I launched my first run for Congress in 2018, I promised that I would work tirelessly to end the opioid crisis, lead with compassion, civility, and competence, and work in a bipartisan way to actually get things done. Keeping with that promise, last week, I introduced two bipartisan bills focused on ending the opioid epidemic and reforming our mental health system. 

The Family Support Services for Addiction Act creates a grant program to provide support to families who have a loved one suffering from addiction. I know firsthand the struggle that comes with loving someone who is addicted to drugs. This bill is one important step in supporting families and ending the addiction crisis.

I also introduced a bill aimed at improving mental health services during public health emergencies like the COVID outbreak. Studies have shown that nearly 40% of Americans have seen their mental health suffer during the pandemic. We must do more to support them. 

I’m optimistic about what we’ll accomplish in this Congress and the help we’ll provide for Marylanders and people in need across the country. As always, if my team and I can ever be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at info@davidtrone.com or 240-907-2392.

Stay safe and healthy,

David Trone

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